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Does anyone know how to remove scars?

I've have a bunch of scars on my face. Does anyone know a cheap salution for it?Does anyone know how to remove scars?
Cut them off with a knife...Does anyone know how to remove scars?
i got in a real bad car accident and scars are every where on my face

if they are that bad they will take a very long time to go away

but i have used MEDERMA and that stuff is so amazin

it reduced the size, redness, and the height of the scars

you cant even see them now if i wear makeup

im having surgery in the future on them if i need it

it takes a full year to find out if you really need to have scar removal surgery

but im guessing you dont need that

i do

but seriously, mederma is awesome, its 30 bucks, but its totally worth it
apply lemon juice

TELL me who beat you up! wtf, I'm going to kill them!
It is very easy. Just massage the scars daily with warm water. And your scars will be finished in few weeks.
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  • How do I get rid of scars?

    I was cursed with terrible skin, even mosquito bites, or any insect bites for that matter, leave scars. I have a school dance next month, and I would really like to get rid of the scars so I can wear a dress without feeling self conscious. Please help?How do I get rid of scars?
    try tanning but you can also you mederma its a lotion and is suppose to work really good you can get it at wal mart or walgreensHow do I get rid of scars?
    it depends on what kind of scars you are talking about. if they are red marks, they WILL fade, it just takes time. if they are pits or indents in your skin, there really isn't anything you can do aside from expensive cosmetic procedures.
    i have the same problem! i haven't been able to find any solutions that actually work, so i just use concealer.

    sorry for the lack of help lol
    Retinol is the most common form of Vitamin A and it helps heal scars.

    Homecoming tomorrow and i have pimple scars on my chest?

    tomorrow is homecoming and i have a dress where you can see my chest

    i have been using a body wash that i am allergic to and i stopped using it 3 days ago because it was making my chest break out... now all i have are red spots/scars on my chest which look HIDEOUS and i don tknow how to hide them!!! please help, what can i use to temporarily hide them for one night? concealer? anything?Homecoming tomorrow and i have pimple scars on my chest?
    Get a tube of hydrocortisone cream tonight and use it tonight, tomorrow morning and right before you get ready. Then use a tinted Clearasil ointment to cover them while you're dressed up. It won't run and smear on your clothes the way concealer or regular makeup would.Homecoming tomorrow and i have pimple scars on my chest?
    First of all, it doesn't look as bad as you think it does!

    There are products sold to cover such imperfections. ';CoverMark'; is a name that comes to mind, tho' I do not know where it is sold. I think I would go to the makeup counter in a ';high end'; department store -- not like Walmart of Target, but a store where they do ';makeovers'; and ask the lady at the counter. A place like Merle Norman or another cosmetic store might be able to help.

    I know what you are going through because I had a similar experience. A few days before my homecoming dance, I used a skin care product that I had an allergic reaction to. My face swelled to about 3 times its normal size! My mother rubbed ice cubes on my face for hours before the dance. I have a lovely photo of my date and me at the dance with my face looking like a Stop Sign!


    physicians formula yellow with the brown concealer comes together
    one word CLEARASIL

    How to treat acne scars?

    I use to have severe acne. I pierced q few of my spot in my younger years. Now I have many acne scars I鈥檇 like to get rid of. Any suggestions?How to treat acne scars?
    While there are several possible methods for treating acne scarring, no one method is necessarily the best. For one thing, every person has different sorts of acne scars. Some may be deep while others are shallow, some may be big around round while others are small and angular, and so on.

    It鈥檚 also important to consider the cost of a treatment and how badly you feel the acne scars are affecting you. Some people see the costs associated with these treatments and decide they鈥檒l just live with the scars. Others will pay almost any amount of money to be rid of their unsightly acne scars.

    Either way, if you鈥檙e thinking about trying to get rid of your acne scars, you鈥檒l want to consult a dermatologist and ask about your options. There are actually quite a few different ways of treating acne scarring, from topical creams to laser surgery. Generally, for the best results, you鈥檒l need one of the surgical methods.

    For instance, laser therapy is the current top choice for dealing with acne scars. There are two types of laser processes. The first type actually burns the top layer of skin right, then try to help the skin grow back healthier and scar-free. The other type attempts to directly stimulate your body to help heal itself without actually damaging the outer layer of skin.

    My best bet would be for you to do some research online: I have found this blog which specializes in your advising on how to treat acne scars:鈥?/a>

    You could also look at acne.orgHow to treat acne scars?
    Laser might do the trick but it hurts. If that's not for you, try Intense Pulsed Light. It works on the same concept as laser but is much milder and easier to take.... also less expensive. Ask your dermatologist.
    Smear Vitamin E Oil from the capsule on the scarred area regularly to minimize scars. More such solutions at
    Vitamin E oil. It works.
    neutrogena acne mark fading peel is very good. i use it every time i have scars

    I really want to shave my brows off but how do I do it without any cuts or scars?

    Will it hurt me really bad? I need help. Without my brows I can pencil them in different every day and I don't have to worry about bush or too thin or anything.I really want to shave my brows off but how do I do it without any cuts or scars?
    Definitly do not do thisI really want to shave my brows off but how do I do it without any cuts or scars?
    You just shave them like you shave your legs.

    My sister does it :p

    edit: The people who are answering this are moronic. My sister has had a boyfriend for almost 3 years and he doesn't care that her eyebrows aren't real. If you do it right, it won't look bad. It will look fake, but no one would make fun of you. And you don't have to be mexican to do it.. wtf? moron.
    Use an electric razor... for no cuts or scars.... It will not hurt ... but you will be sorry. Because the pencil will not look natural and the stubble will grow back in....

    A better idea would be to find a salon that specializes in eyebrows and a have a pro shape them ... then it is pretty easy to keep them in shape.
    It wont hurt cause its the same as shaving anywhere else

    however you probably shouldnt shave them off because it will grow back very soon as stubble

    instead, you should consider permanant tatoo art for eyebrows...this will take away the daily hassle of drawing them in too.

    Good luck! =]
    Don't do it. They will look so awful. Especially when they start to grow back in. It will be just like shaving your legs, once you start, you will never start. Think about it. And everyone will be able to tell you pencil in your eyebrows. DONT!!!
    First, think very long and very carefully about whether you want to do this or not. If you are completely sure you want to do this, wet your skin, put on shaving cream, and shave like a man would his face or a woman would her legs.
    do NOT shave them off- you will (no offense) look like a freak. if you pencil it in it's really fake-looking, and will look really cheesy. just the truth-i have seen a few people and they look so weird.
    dont do it, you can totally tell that they are fake
    My grandmother never grew eyebrows, so she had some tattooed doesn't look to great. I would advise you not to shave them at all.
    don't do it. friend got them waxed off and got them tattooed on. it looks so fake and now she regrets it.

    Use lots of shaving cream and a new razor.
    noooo dnt leave as is.

    just get them waxed or threaded a soon as needed
    your full of s hi t, or mexican
    you would never get a guy again

    How to lessen acne scars?

    For some reason my acne has left some rather severe marks on my face. In some areas there are like little scar holes similar to the ones people get from chicken pox, except I have never had chicken pox and they came from my acne instead. my mom has these also(some heredity maybe?) But she said they came from popping her zits which I have never done. They are there nevertheless. I'm also having a problem that every zit I get leaves a big red scar that lasts for several months after its gone, I suppose its because I have very pale skin, but its quite bothersome and terrible looking. I know the scars will lessen in time, is there something i can use to either prevent scars like these or to help the ones I have? My acne is under control now, but the scars are still there and they look rather bad.How to lessen acne scars?
    OK lets be real, acne's a b**** and it's the worst thing to get over but its not impossible. The best thing out there for it right now is Acutane, but, it is not for everyone that's why it is only obtained by a Dr's prespription. Some people tend to be allergic to the medicine, for a few percentage it does not work for, but usually it does, for everyone, even though after you stop using it the acne comes back, like with every other medicine after the treatment is over. It is really harsh on your body though, for women they can't take contraceptives or have kids due to some serious problems that can occur while taking it, other people experience horrible peeling and dryness.

    Apart from all this, i used to have acne, apparently not bad enough for Acutane (according to my dermatologist) but it was still bad (at least i thought it was), so i was recommended this over the counter medicine called ';Nature's Cure';. They have two medicines, one formulated for men, and another for women, and among these they have the topical creams and face washes as well as pills that work from the inside out. I personally tried the cream and face wash. Since i started using it i have yet gotten another pimple, seriously, my face is progressing miraculously, alot of the blemishes are gone, including all the scars (which is what you want), almost all. Smooth skin, it does dry it a little bit but barely, everyone's complimented on it. A few more weeks and my face will be completely clear. To help with this i also get facials done, everyonce in a while to help with the deep cleaning, which helps alot to remove stubborn clogs and blackheads and so forth.

    I know not all of these over the counter medicines work for everyone, like myself that i've tried Proactive and Murad and all those things and i actually got my face worse due to them. But this one worked, see if you can find it in a neighborhood pharmacy or drugstore, or supermarket (which some of them also sell them), or online in their website.

    Well i hope this helps you and good luck with what ever you end up trying.How to lessen acne scars?
    i heard that seamen works very well... i can let you barrow some of mine if you want Report Abuse

    Acne scar treatment
    read tips on treating acne and more on reducing scars on this site
    If you don't have the money to get proactiv or anything like that, you can get what preganet women use for stretch marks. I know people who have tryed it and it works. But I can't remember the name of the stuff.
    Stop picking your face and go see a dermatoloigt! They are the best thing to go see!
    a good way to deal with acne scars is microdermabrasion, which is a treatment used to clean ur skin with little particles and make pores look smaller. if u want even better results u can go for a glycolic peel, which is a mask that help peel of the first layer of dead skin on ur face, which is probably whats causing the acne scars. all those u can do at ur local beauty shop, or u can by their kit from drugstores.good luck!!
    yes use acne free scar fade and erase.... i have been using it, and after a week of having a scar, it looks like it has helped... it even helps even out your skin tone. 15 dollars at walmart, it comes with 2 steps.. the scar lotion, and moisturizer.. first put on the scar lotion where scars are, then follow with the moisturizer after it is done drying ( make sure you do this, or it will not help)... do this atleast 2 times a day.. should see results hopefully within a week :).. good luck...
    Well, if you want to cover up some scars, try foundation. But be warned, if you have oily or combination skin, (like me,) you'll have to re-aplly every 2 or 3 hours, and use an oil-free foundation. (You can find really good ones in the cosmetic section of Kroger's.) If you want to take care of the swelling on acne, put some tooth paste (yes, toothPASTE) on the zit, and leave it on overnight. It'll reduce the swelling. Good-luck.
    try to use bare minerals or if makup isnt ur thing try something like jergans natural glow to cover it up.
    try proactiv. it will prevent any more acne, as well as reduce the appearance of scars over time. also, u could try derma e scar gel. good luck!

    How can I get rid of scars on my face?

    I had pimples on my face and now i have scars...What should I do?How can I get rid of scars on my face?
    Make a paste from cucumber and lemon juice and apply on the face. Wait until the paste dries and wash your face.How can I get rid of scars on my face?
    Red spots or pits? There are some facial cremes for acne scarring but they only reduce them and still take years to work.

    If you have serious acne scarring you should seek out a dermatologist. They can provide stronger treatments including dermabrasion which is a mechanical process of removing skin layers. They will also used acne surgery to remove infected scar tissue so that it heals better. Basically involves taking a finger sharp (the tool used to poke your finger for a bloodtest) to push the zit scar deeper into the skin. Healthy skin will then close around it making a smaller scar.
    When i had my face busted open and when my friend had steel pins removed from his hand, the doctors recommended e45 i think. Its a moisturizer. It doesnt get rid of them completely, but it does help to reduce the size
    It's kind of surgery called planing surgery. See a dermatologist for a referral.
    I don't think you can make them go away! But you could get a face lift of surgery! Hope this help!
    nothing. it does not make you ugly. you are who you are, natural beauty.
    try laser treatment
    sorry but u cant remove scars :(
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